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Women's Empowerment


Savings Groups Change Lives


Here's how they work:

  • Self-selected members agree to form a savings group and decide how often to meet (most often weekly or monthly).

  • They agree on by-laws, a savings amount,  loan terms and interest rates.

  • Each member contributes the agreed amount into the savings pot..

  • Each member checks the bookkeeping for accuracy

  • One or more members borrow from the pooled savings to help their  business grow, It is often to make beautiful handicrafts to sell, or improve crop yield. 

  • Loans are usually repaid at the next meeting, with interest.

  • Loan interest and the regular savings contributions accumulate with each meeting until most or all members are borrowing each month.

  • Groups agree on the length of their club's operating cycle.

  • At the end, the accumulated amount is divided equally among the group members.

  • Groups are free to wait before starting again, to add more members, to change members or to dissolve the group completely.


Increased income is only part of the story - especially for women in rural Africa. For the first time, women previously dependent on a polygamous husband to provide absolutely everything, now has her own money. This gives her decision-making power in the home. Elevated status within the family. The power to make decisions, even the smallest one, is huge!


With over 10 million members around the world today, savings groups provide access to safe, reliable and profitable financial services.

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