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Changing lives one tool at a time

ASAP’s Tools for Empowerment program puts trade tools into the hands of vocational school graduates around the world. These eager young women and youth have the education, skills and drive - but the tools they need to put their new skills to work are expensive and out of reach for most young students.  


To address this need, volunteers near Atlanta GA come together at Tools for Empowerment to refurbish donated trade tools and equipment. Tools destined for landfills that will help future auto mechanics, builders, carpenters, electricians, metal fabricators, plumbers, seamstresses, and welders practice their new trade. These life changing tools are shipped directly to the Salesian Missions of Don Bosco schools. Students use them during their coursework and successful graduates are awarded their own tools so they can get to work earning a living with their new skills. 

Click here to see a video of the Tools for Empowerment Program in action!
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